Are Nepali women experimenting online dating?

Dating has been a relatively new concept in Nepal, especially Online Dating. Nepal has been a country where arrange marriages are traditional way of getting married.

Typically, the prospective groom’s parents go to the prospective bridge’s house to meet the parents of the bride.  If the parents agree, then the deal is sealed.  However, with the number of computers in household increasing and internet becoming common, people have started to explore the dating concept.

Technology can bring a powerful change in the society and internet dating is one of them.  However, most people are resistance to change.  Imagine our parents who didn’t grow up using a computer don’t know much about its use. Similarly, if you tell them about finding a groom or a bride online, it wouldn’t work with them.

As the concept of Chat advanced, out of curiosity, most Nepalese teens engaged in chat conversation with unknown people–potentially that would lead to something around dating.  Well, that was at least the reason why people joined the chat rooms. With the introduction of social networks, the anonymity factor has changed to social connections, but the interaction factor still remains the key.

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