Role of Internet in Finding Nepali Brides and Grooms

Finding partners for marriage has become increasing difficult after the civil war started in Nepal in 1996. As people emigrated out of the villages, cities, and country, the structured society that people were used to finding brides or grooms became different.

New place, new people and new society made people look for alternative sources where finding partners could be easier.  Majority of people emigrated to United States, Canada, Australia, several EU countries and India.  Majority of the people who left the country were young girls and boys.  However, the number of men was much higher than the women.  As a result, more Nepali men are single if they are outside of Nepal.  The number doesn’t look very pretty for women as well.

Those who managed to leave Nepal to study in foreign nations remain single too, as there is no family to find an appropriate partner for them.  This has resulted in more young Nepali population remaining single even in their 30s or 40s. NepaliVivah was especially created to help this growing segment of the population who would benefit from finding an appropriate match.  The largest matrimony site for Nepali people enables the members to search for a partner themselves as opposed to relying fully only the parents for search.