Are men and women choosing correct life partners?

The relationship of marriage should be bound with friendship, love and caring. Everyone in marriage relationship should think about the importance of another partner. Only living with partners, spending time with each other is not what the marriage means. Marriage is combination of two souls as a result of which two souls combined and being [Read Full]

Are Nepali women experimenting online dating?

Dating has been a relatively new concept in Nepal, especially Online Dating. Nepal has been a country where arrange marriages are traditional way of getting married. Typically, the prospective groom’s parents go to the prospective bridge’s house to meet the parents of the bride.  If the parents agree, then the deal is sealed.  However, with [Read Full]

Role of Internet in Finding Nepali Brides and Grooms

Finding partners for marriage has become increasing difficult after the civil war started in Nepal in 1996. As people emigrated out of the villages, cities, and country, the structured society that people were used to finding brides or grooms became different. New place, new people and new society made people look for alternative sources where finding [Read Full]

नेपालमै विवाहका लागि वर वा वधु खोज्ने अनलाइन आयो


नेपालमै विवाहका लागि वर वा वधु खोज्ने अनलाइन आयो – Sajhasabal वर्तमान समय मा शिक्षा, रोजगारी य अन्य कारणवस विदेशमा रहेका केटाकेटी अथवा विदेशमा रहेका दम्पत्ती को विदेश मै जन्मे हुर्केका सन्तान को विवाह को लागि वर वधू खोज्नु र धेरै मध्ये कुनै एक लाई रोज्नु भनेको अत्यन्तै कठिन काम हुन पुगेको ले तमाम केटा केटी [Read Full]